John Mackk – Slow It Down (Music Video)

Oakland artist John Mackk is making noise in the music scene with his viral single “Slow It Down” and the subsequent remixes featuring prominent artists like Mike Sherm, 310Baii, and Heembeezy. This track serves as a testament to Mackk’s growing influence and talent within the rap/hip-hop community. His recently released EP, “Signing Day,” comprising seven tracks, further solidifies his position as a skilled lyricist. Beyond his music, Mackk showcases his lyricism on platforms like The Thizzler Bar Wars Cypher, where he joins forces with other notable artists such as Kai Bandz, Lil Seeto, and Lul Booga. In this setting, Mackk’s verse stands out for it’s clever punchlines and undeniable charisma where he lets his presence be known. In conclusion, “Slow It Down” not only serves as a showcase of Mackk’s ability to make a hit, but also provides listeners with a glimpse into his world and a memorable listening experience. Check him out above!


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