WinningTeamStreez – CHUUUCH (Album)

Vallejo’s own WinningTeamStreez has just released “CHUUUCH,” a 24-track album showcasing his musical skillset. The album features a mix of solo tracks and collaborations, highlighting WinningTeamStreez’s versatility. With a blend of his own sounds, “CHUUUCH” promises a dynamic listening experience from top to bottom. Check it out up top!

1.) Ginormous
2) Fein in you (ft Young Da)
3.) Low ball
4.) PayPal (ft 1100 Himself )
5) Nobody
6.) Bag On Me
7.) Dopegame (ft Young Da)
8.) MOB
9.) Dame Lillard
10.) 10 oclock in the am
11.) Word from me
12.) Came Sober (feat. Tee Dolla)
13.) Spill
14.) Train Tracks
15.) So Threw
16.) Preachin’ Game (ft Pablo skywalkin)
17.) Top Off
18.) Mud Walk
19.) Hulk Hogan
20.) Gullible (ft Young Da & Earius)
21.) Same Grind
22.) Map of Figueroa
23.) Sneaky Link
24.) Do The math

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