Creole Kang & Kay Looz – Neon Palm Trees (EP)

@theroyaltydoor presents Creole Kang and Kay Looz on this latest single and visual “Pink Lemonade”, directed by Ramier Jones and fresh off their joint EP Neon Palm Trees! The EP aims to be create a feel good, futuristic Hip Hop vibe, and these two artists come together to create 1 amazing track with “Pink Lemonade”! The feel good beat from Kay Looz mixes with Creole Kang’s hard flows, and it displays a great balance which is beautiful for all ears to enjoy. Creole Kang and Kay Looz are like family and its speaks through their music.

“Shout out the team. Couldn’t do it without em; Kay Looz, The Coach, Dee Dot Jones , Ericksenbeats, Mark Sandstrom, Lizove23, Grewwy Montana. (Artist Submitted)

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