Lul Donii – Project 23 (Album)



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Stockton artist Lul Donii is ringing in the new year with the release of his first full-length album, Project 23! Known for placing introspective bars over spirited beats, this album’s 12 brightly somber tracks are delivered from one of Thizzler’s most unique sounding artists. Lul Donii built an initial following as a member of the 1805 Mob group with 1805Manii and 1805Jaccboy. When the group started releasing music at end of 2020, they quickly accrued thousands of West Coast fans who related to the street messages and rocked with the sweet melodies delivered by the trio. In 2022, Donii is pushing for continued recognition as a solo act and aims to mold his identity as an up-and-coming frontrunner from Stockton. In Project 23, Donii spends little time with his head in the clouds. His rising popularity remains fatefully intertwined with personal struggles. We glimpse Donii’s imperfect upbringing and tag alongside his dream of going from rags to riches. Make sure to slap Project 23 and follow Lul Donii’s journey: @luldonii.


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