Doc Dolla Speaks On His Blessings and Latest Release Featuring G-Eazy and Mozzy

Richmond, CA artist @DollaboyDoc taps heavy hitters @g_eazy and @mozzythamotive to drop the single “Blessed” from Doc Dolla’s upcoming EP The Almighty Dolla! These Bay Area trendsetters deliver a slap about receiving blessings and being chosen ones over this beat produced by M.A. Da Pilot. Below we tapped in with Doc Dolla about The Almighty Dolla, which is sure to feature more Bay Area super stars, and his rise to fame! Stream “Blessed” on Apple Music and tap in with Doc Dolla, G-Eazy, & Mozzy on IG: @docdolla_, @g_eazy, and @mozzy! (Artist Submitted) ⤵️

Thizzler: What city are you from?
Doc Dolla: Richmond, CA

T: How was your upbringing?
Doc Dolla: My upbringing was like any statistic urban child – raised by my mother. My father passed when I was four years old. My uncle ‘Hook the Crook’, a famous one arm pimp in Richmond, was my father figure.

T: How did you begin making music?
Doc Dolla: I was influenced by my older cousin. He would take me to the studio when I was 10. He bought me a Roland piano and told me I should learn how to make beats. I would make cornet beats and bust mediocre raps to them. Later on I went to Youth Radio and was instructed on how to make beats by 1.0AK and Trackademics.

T: How did you get your rap name?
Doc Dolla: When I was a youngin’ I used to sell ‘thizzels’ and ‘jiggas’. I had so many different flavors they used to call me Dr. or Doc for short. At about 16 I jumped in the ‘ism heavy and DOC ended up standing for Dolls Outta Coochie.

T: How would describe your musical style?
Doc Dolla: I’m a versatile artist, I move on what the music say to me. If it calls for some singing, I get these vocals working. If I gotta take it to the block I can go there. If we on any topic I can bring the flavor because I wear so many different hats.

T: Tell me about “Blessed”.
Doc Dolla: “Blessed” is a song about accomplishment. G-Eazy is my brother for real. We started doing music as kids. I was in LA at a studio and got too lit. Only person I can think to call was G. He got out his bed and came and got me and took me back to his crib. When I got back in motion, him and my bro was making the beat to “Blessed”. I got right to it and put my verse together. When it was done he was like who should we get on it . I said Mozzy a go crazy on this. He called Mozzy and he did the verse same day no hesitation.

T: What inspired this new single?
Doc Dolla: Knowing the struggle that it took to get to this place. It wasn’t overnight and it wasn’t easy. Not everybody can make it to the levels of achievement I have. These type of bars in battle it with the heavyweights. You have to be blessed and divine.

T: How is it different than previous drops?
Doc Dolla: It’s an old school West Coast type instrumental with new 808 kick slappin. Nobody really coming with this type of sound right now everybody sounded the same so I wanted this first thing would it be different.

T: Is it part of a project? If so, can you tell me more about that?
Doc Dolla: Yes, it is the first single for my EP titled The Almighty Dolla.

T: What message do you want fans to walk away with after listening to “Blessed”?
Doc Dolla: I want fans to know if they stay down there for the turn around, their blessings will come and be fruitful. But you have to do believed to be blessed.

T: What’s next?
Doc Dolla: I am going to spoil the surprise and let you know that the next single will be featuring a hot banger with IAMSU called “Put Me On”. For surely to be a Bay Area anthem.

T: Is there anything else you want to say?
Doc Dolla:  BRAND NEW MONEY ENT FOR THE 2022. Music/ films and some of the dope innovation coming to the industry. Hot out that rich town.

Stream “Blessed” on Apple Music and tap in with Doc Dolla, G-Eazy, & Mozzy on IG: @docdolla_, @g_eazy, and @mozzy. (Artist Submitted)

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