Chevron Blue showcases signature Long Beach flare in his newest single

Long Beach’s @bxgchevron dropped off his latest “Nuke Duke”, a record that flips Jay-Z’s “Jigga, My N*gga”. He’s talking that spicy and lets it be known he isn’t here to play games. The LB representative took a moment to chop it up with us about his latest release and his background. Read on below for the full interview! (Artist Submitted)

Thizzler: Where are you from? How was your upbringing?

Chevron Blue: I was originally born in Kalamazoo, MI. I moved to Long Beach when I was 3. Been here ever since. I had a great upbringing. Had both parents in the house, stayed on the Eastside, middle of the city, like California City, and on the Northside of Long Beach. I spent Winter and Summer breaks at my granny house in either Ann Arbor or Chicago, so I was exposed to a lot of different vibes since a youngster. A lot of different influences helped shaped me to be the n*gga I am today.

T: How did you begin making music?

CB: I been tryna rap since a kid but I really didn’t take it seriously until Coronavirus. I was inspired by another rapper from my city. Funny story actually.

T: How did you get your rap name?

CB: The origin of the word Chevron always interested me, it’s a really interesting word. Blue is to distinguish which side of the Chevron I identify with. Because there’s a blue and red stripe on the Chevron gas station. Long Beach is obviously a blue stripe city. And I’m known for gassin’ up, on the track and in real life.

T: How would describe your musical style?

CB: I’d describe it as eclectic and honest. I like plenty different types of music.

T: Tell me about “Nuke Duke”.

CB: Nuke Duke is a song about a guy who makes the wrong decisions in the streets. A story about how a group situation can take a turn based off how one individual goes about the situation. It’s a narration that’s based on a true story.

T: What inspired this new single?

CB: Just the humor in a situation. The younger generation always has these situations with old washed up n*ggas. I made the song to show young dudes how not to let old flops try to stop your shine. You can handle your business in the street as a man and laugh about it later. It was fun to do, entertaining.

T: How is it different than previous drops?

CB: This is based off true events. So it was fun mostly entertaining. I liked the beat and it was on my mind at the time so I just went and did a freestyle for it. I didn’t write any of this song. I usually write most of my music.

T: Is it part of a project? If so, can you tell me more about that?

CB: Nah, this is just a single for SoundCloud really. The beat is the old Ruff Ryders beat. It’s really crazy cuz I did this song on 4/6. 3 days before DMX passed. Rest in Peace DMX. I felt inclined to release the freestyle. Cuz I’m sure DMX would not have gave a fuck and I don’t either.

T: What message do you want fans to walk away with after listening to “Nuke Duke”?

CB: I just want fans to be entertained by the story of Duke the Fluke. I don’t want them to hate or judge anybody, Duke the Fluke is a fictional character. Just listen and learn what not to do when dealing with situations as a man. Handle your own scandal. Don’t call other people to help you handle your own situation as a grown man. Adding people only makes things worse. That’s all I’d want a listener to take away.

T: What’s next?

CB: Next is an album I’m finna drop with my boy DB! He’s a local producer I went to juco with. We played defense at LBCC together. We f*cked shit up on the field and we got similar chemistry in the studio. The sound is going to be nice.

T: Is there anything else you want to say?

CB: I f*ck with the Bay’s culture fasho. A lot of pioneers came from up that way. I went to prison up north in Susanville, so it was a lot of cats from up North that I functioned with. Long Beach the best city in the world. ALLBLACK, f*ck with me one time. Huge fan of ALLBLACK.

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