EBK JaayBo – 2021 (Album)

EBK Jaaybo dropped his album 2021. The Stockton rising star has big hopes this year, speaking on all his goals for 2021 throughout his project. The 16 song album has great and unique production, with 8 different producers contributing to 2021. Songs like “2100” show this standout production while also giving JaayBo a chance to speak on Stockton’s street politics.

While EBK Jaaybo keeps the project mainly solo, he did get some high profile help from Stockton’s @yGSLo_Be and Los Angeles’s @votebenfranklin. Listen to the whole album but you’ll want to give “Headphones”, “Real Tribe”, and “Showdown”. Listen to EBK Jaaybo’s album 2021 right here.


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