DB.Boutabag – Cope The Pain, Vol. 1 (Album)

DB.Boutabag dropped his album Cope The Pain, Vol. 1. With this 10 song project, DB truly pronounced himself as one of Sacramento’s best and most consistent talents. DB.Boutabag kept to his roots of success but throws a small twist on his standout flow and style. The album tells DB’s story of how he deals with the pains and struggles of coming from and living in the streets of Sacramento. Of the 10 tracks, DB.Boutabag got 4 features from his brothers from Sacramento, with names including LordeTheTopScore and Dada. When you listen to the tape, you’ll want to gibae a double listen to “Boutabag”, “Off White”, and his smash hit “Rich Statement”.

This really a dope album, one of my favorite from DB’s discography. Make sure to listen DB.Boutabg’s new album Cope The Pain, Vol. 1 right here.


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