16GEECHI ft. ALLBLACK – Building 7, Cell 14 (Music Video)

16GEECHI dropped his latest music video “Building 7, Cell 14”. This a real slap for the Town, with production from @MusicByDTB and a feature from @22ndWays. Presented by Play Runners Association, 16GEECHI tells of his time in Santa Rita county, touching on his poor life in “Building 7, Cell 14”; “Man it hurted when them people put that hold on me, they got a hold on me/ It was cold in the cell, by my lonely”. The Stacking Memories shot video shows 16GEECHI and ALLBLACK enjoying Oakland, chilling by Fruitvale Ave. Check out 16GEECHI’s new video “Building 7, Cell 14” right here

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