The Best Northern California Slaps of the Decade 2010-2019

2019 is coming to an end and with it the close of a decade! These last 10 years have given us some memorable and iconic Northern California music! At the start of the decade we saw the rise and eventual domination of the HBK Gang, and the care-free party culture they brought with them. At that same time, mobb music was being kept alive by Livewire and its affiliated acts.

A little more than halfway through the decade we saw Mozzy put Sacramento back on the map, and a rap quartet from Vallejo jump onto the scene and show us all that street rap from the Bay Area could find success on radio. As we approached the end of the decade we saw more and more acts from the Central Valley put their stamp on the region. And most satisfying, we saw our region birth stars who proudly repped us on records, in interviews and everywhere else.

As we prepare to say goodbye to this decade that has given us so much, it’s natural to feel a little sentimental and nostalgic. Many of us came of age in the past 4 years, and the music that soundtracked those years are close to our hearts. We put together a playlist that will take you a literal work-day to get through. These are The Best Northern California Slaps Of The Decade! You can find it live on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube!

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