Give The Producer Some: 5 Producers You Should Know from The Bay & Sac (Part 3)

It’s about time to run it back! Give The Producer Some is our recurring segment that shows some appreciation to the artists that create the soundscape for the music we love. The producers lay down the ground work and the foundation for our favorite artists to come in and shine. The men and women behind the keys and DAWS don’t get enough credit. We hope to change that little by little with Give The Producer Some. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments and who you’d like to see in the next round!

ChrisonThaBeat – San Francisco, CA

ChrisOnThaBeat is a Hunter’s Point raised producer and one half of Division Music along with Sunnydale producer MarB. Chris has a ton of work with acts like Ice and Drew Beez, Semiautocec, Lil Yase, Fidel Cash and CashClick Boog. Chris’s sound fits perfectly in today’s climate that finds Detroit rappers and Bay Area rappers finding themselves on similar styled production. He puts together high energy rap beats with moving synthesized bass lines, dark dancing keys and in-your-face kick drums. Along with Lil Rece, MarB, and Smackz, ChrisOnThaBeat is invigorating the City’s sound.


Feezydisabangah – Oakland, CA

Feezydisabangah has been doing his thing for a bunch of years now. Back in 2011 he worked a lot with Dick Boston’s Hot Head Ent., which also included BooFrmDa4 and Mikey X. Today he’s laying the sonic groundwork for some of the hottest records for the new wave of rising artists. He’s behind some of the hottest slaps in the streets. Last year he produced ALLBLACK’s breakout single “Canadian Goose”. ALLBLACK’s indisputably the hottest new rapper coming out of Oakland, and “Canadian Goose” played a huge role in that. This year he produced C0ld Game’s “Like Sleaze”. Feezy’s biggest strength is communicated in his name. He knows how to make bangers! Slapping 808’s are engrained in the DNA of Feezy’s beats


Smackz – San Francisco, CA

Luckily all rapper/producer combos don’t keep all the good beats for themselves. Smackz is a rapper, but his claim to fame is producing Prezi’s breakout single “Do Better”. Prezi was able to strike gold with a beautifully written hook, and immediately ear wormy production courtesy of Smackz. He gave Llama Llama one of his standout records with “Onna Gang” in 2016, and is also responsible for production on CashClick Boog’s “Gang In Here”. Smackz is one of the many producers responsible for the current renaissance of San Francisco hip-hop. We’re interested in seeing what hit he produces next.


Wavy Tre – Stockton, CA

We can’t forget about the Central Valley. Wavy Tre is a producer from Stockton who has been making a name for himself producing records for SOB x RBE, BOE Sosa, MBNel, 03 Greedo and more. While the rising producer has a versatile arsenal of sounds, at its best, Wavy Tre’s production marries slapping percussion to nightmarish and menacing key work. BOE Sosa’s “Crime Scene” is a good example of what Tre can do. He’s super young, so his growth can be heard with each new record.


Mikos Da Gawd – San Francisco, CA

When you take a look at the Bay’s alternative hip-hop scene that’s led by artists like Rexx Life Raj, Elujay and Caleborate, you’ll eventually come across Mikos Da Gawd’s name. He’s a versatile San Francisco bred producer with ties to Soulection and represents one half of the Lil Dads alongside Drew Banga. He has a knack for laying crisp drums and never sounding the same on two beats. When he isn’t on Instagram serving the most fatherly of dad jokes, he’s crafting eclectic production for rappers and singers that move him. In 2016 he produced Rayana Jay’s soulful “Sleepy Brown” and Caleborate’s “Kale”, while last year he lent a hand in producing 3 records on Raj’s career solidifying Father Figure 2.

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